Hair Transplant/Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a microsurgical procedure in which hair follicles are transplanted from one part of the skin to another.The final result of the transplant can be evaluated in 6 months.Transplanted hair fully maintains normal growth and is subject to normal care.

Modern medicine offers a number of microsurgery procedures for hair transplant.

FUE (follicular unit extraction) is one of the modern and innovative hair restoration methods. The surgeon, by the use of a special instrument (punch implanter) and under local anesthesia, takes the grafts from the donor section and transplants them into the bald section. A Graft is a hair donor unit that contains 1 to 4 hair follicles. Depending on the degree of baldness, the surgeon can take and transplant 500 to 5000 grafts. 

FUE is a less invasive, suture-free and painless intervention.

Another hair transplant method in modern medicine is the FUT (follicular unit transplant). During  the FUT surgery, the surgeon removes a thin layer of skin from the neck that contains enough hair, divides it into sections, and implants it into the bald section; sutures are placed in the donor section. FUT is considered a more invasive procedure, leaving thin scars on the neck, but at the same time it is a quick, painless and effective method.

Medical tour package arranged by a hair transplant clinic in Tbilisi:

2100 USD (500 - 3500 grafts + the travel package),and 3600 USD (5000 grafts + the travel package)
Method of surgery:
Duration of the Procedure:
4 - 10 hours on average
Not required
Number of visits to the clinic:
1 - 2 times
Method of Anesthesia:

Androgenetic alopecia both in males and females; male and female patterned hair loss.


Contraindications to hair transplantation are the following:

  • Total alopecia,
  • Alopecia areata,
  • Some dermatologic diseases of the scalp,
  • Extensive hair loss due to chemotherapy,
  • Temporary hair loss due to some disorders (thyroid gland diseases, anemia, acute stress).

The package includes:

-Consultation with the surgeon before and after the procedure.

-Anesthesia and the hair transplant procedure.


The Travel Package Includes:

 - Accommodation in Tbilisi (hotel for 2 nights).

- Airport-hotel transfer.

- Guided sightseeing tour in Tbilisi.

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