About Us
Who We Are
Armenia is becoming a popular destination for medical tourism in the past several years. Many people around the world are choosing Armenia as their destination for having various surgeries due to its affordability, highly qualified doctors, and the outstanding medical facilities. With its growing reputation for being a safe, up-and-coming medical travel destination, we decided to establish MedWay to help you plan the medical trip you need in Armenia.
Let MedWay help you find the high-quality, affordable treatment you deserve. It’s our job to make it easy for you to travel abroad and get the best medical care.
Make your next medical tourism journey impactful, memorable and affordable by choosing MedWay.
What makes
us unique
Extensive Range of Medical Treatments
We offer comprehensive, multi-specialty medical tourism packages that include plastic surgery, aesthetic cosmetology, dental services , hair transplantation, ophthalmology and addiction treatment.
Our Skillful & Reputable Doctors
We choose our doctors very carefully so that you can get the best possible treatment with the highest level of care.
Excursions & Leisure Activities
While you undergo your medical treatment, our tour guides will ensure that you have fun sightseeing adventures and an unforgettable stay in Armenia.
The Team
Meet Our Founders
Yvette Danial
Siroun Hovsepian
Medical Tourism Coordinator
Why Armenian Doctors
Get treated by the best doctors in Armenia
Since the day MedWay was established, our focus has been on providing effective and affordable treatment for all those who seek to improve their health through Armenian doctors.

We make sure to select our doctors carefully to provide you with the highest quality medical care. Our doctors are among Armenia's most experienced doctors with years of training and experience in the best hospitals in different countries abroad.

In addition to the quality and professionalism our doctors provide, they have a warm attitude towards patients, always treating them with care and welcoming manner making sure you feel at ease from your first consultation, and throughout your treatment.